Hells Angels OG: A Closer Look at the Legendary Motorcycle Club

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For decades, the Hells Angels OG has captivated the public’s imagination with their rebellious spirit, iconic logo, and notorious reputation. As one of the world’s most prominent and oldest motorcycle clubs, the Hells Angels OG has left an indelible mark on popular culture. In this article, we delve into the history, values, and controversies surrounding this legendary club.

The Origins of the Hells Angels OG

The Hells Angels OG was founded in 1948 in Fontana, California, by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. Inspired by the sense of camaraderie and adventure that motorcycles brought, these founding members sought to create a brotherhood of like-minded individuals.

Initially, the club was called the Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington, but it was later changed to the Hells Angels OG to reflect their fearless and rebellious nature. The name “Hells Angels” was inspired by a World War II bomber group, and “OG” stands for Original Gangsters.

Throughout the years, the Hells Angels OG expanded their presence globally, with chapters established in various countries. Today, they are recognized as a prominent international motorcycle club, with a strong membership base.

The Values of the Hells Angels OG

The Hells Angels OG prides itself on a set of core values that unite its members. Brotherhood, loyalty, freedom, and respect are at the heart of the club’s ethos. These values create a tight-knit community where members support and protect one another.

Brotherhood holds immense importance within the Hells Angels OG. Members forge lifelong friendships and rely on each other both on and off the road. Loyalty is a fundamental principle, and members are expected to prioritize the interests of the club above all else.

Freedom is another central value for the Hells Angels OG. The club cherishes the open road and the freedom it represents. Motorcycles serve as a symbol of liberation and independence for members, allowing them to escape the constraints of everyday life.

Respect is a cornerstone of the Hells Angels OG. Members respect their fellow club members, other motorcycle clubs, and the broader community. This value manifests in various ways, such as adhering to a code of conduct and engaging in charitable activities.

A Controversial Reputation

The Hells Angels OG has garnered significant attention over the years, often surrounded by controversy and media scrutiny. While the club prides itself on its brotherhood and values, it has also been associated with criminal activities and violent incidents.

It is essential to note that the Hells Angels OG does not officially endorse or condone illegal activities. However, a small fraction of members have engaged in criminal behavior, tarnishing the club’s reputation. These isolated incidents should not overshadow the positive contributions made by the majority of the club’s members.

Law enforcement agencies around the world have closely monitored the activities of the Hells Angels OG. This heightened scrutiny aims to ensure public safety and prevent any criminal elements from infiltrating the club.

The Hells Angels OG in Pop Culture

The Hells Angels OG has become an iconic symbol in popular culture, frequently portrayed in movies, music, and literature. Their distinct logo, featuring a skull with wings, is recognized worldwide and is often associated with rebellion and nonconformity.

Various movies, such as “Hell’s Angels ’69” and “Hell’s Angels on Wheels,” have depicted the club’s lifestyle and fueled public fascination. Additionally, several musicians, including The Rolling Stones and The Allman Brothers Band, have referenced or interacted with the Hells Angels OG throughout their careers.

The Hells Angels OG Today

In recent years, the Hells Angels OG has faced challenges such as increased law enforcement pressure and internal disputes. However, the club remains resilient and continues to thrive, with chapters spanning the globe.

While the Hells Angels OG remains a male-dominated club, they have made efforts to be more inclusive. Some chapters have established associated groups for female motorcycle enthusiasts, allowing them to be part of the extended Hells Angels community.

Today, the Hells Angels OG continues to ride together, support their communities, and maintain the spirit of brotherhood that has defined them from the beginning.


1. How can I join the Hells Angels OG?

Joining the Hells Angels OG is a complex process and requires extensive dedication. The club typically invites potential members who have shown loyalty, respect, and a genuine passion for motorcycles. Remember, the club does not solicit membership applications, so individuals must prove themselves worthy of consideration.

2. Are all Hells Angels OG members involved in criminal activities?

No, the vast majority of Hells Angels OG members are law-abiding citizens who adhere to the club’s values. However, as with any organization, there may be individuals who engage in criminal activities. It is crucial to separate the actions of a few from the overall club’s reputation.

3. Can women be part of the Hells Angels OG?

While the Hells Angels OG remains primarily a male club, some chapters have established associated groups for female motorcycle enthusiasts. These groups allow women to be part of the extended Hells Angels community and share their love for motorcycles.