Buy CO2 Distillate Online



Buy CO2 Distillate Online

Buy CO2 Distillate Online, CO2 Distillate 1g syringe is the newest and most pure concentrate product available. The producers of this high-quality product employ superior extraction methods, which yield potent and pure THC products. This distillate is purer than others because it extracts plant matter, chlorophyll, and all other solvents. After vaporizing the THC and CBD, that vapor is collected and condensed back into oil. This end product is odorless and flavorless, making it the purest of its kind out there.

Available for purchase in 1g oral syringe for easy use and storage.

Use: We recommend using a dab rig or an e-nail for the best results. You can eat it. It can also be added to shatters, such as our CO2 Cannabis Shatter (Dabs).

Similar to: Phoenix Tears, Honey Oil, H2Oil

Medical: Chronic pain relief, Sleep aid, relaxation, any other ailment requiring higher doses of THC concentrate

Potency: 87-95% THC Content


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