Buy Ketama Gold Hash



Buy Ketama Gold Hash

Buy Ketama Gold Hash  Online, Ketama is a Memcached client that uses a ring hash to shard keys across server instances.


Hard-pressed little marble-sized balls of hash. Very dark (almost should be listed with the dark hashes) and extremely high oil content. (Notice the plastic wrapping in the photo at right.)


A bit of cinnamon-spice with an earthy chocolate after-scent.


This one had a much smoother taste than previous versions. I really enjoyed warm cocoa with whipped cream while smoking this one. My throat was at ease, and so was the rest of my body!


The high still took a while to develop, but once it hit me it had a nice calming effect. My heart rate seemed to slow, as I slumped down in my chair.

Buy Ketama Gold Hash


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