CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil



CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil USA

CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil and Get the convenience of a syringe and the powerful mediating effects of a dab. The Dablicator contains Clear Concentrate distillate that has been fractionally distilled for maximal potency and enhanced with naturally extracted plant terpenes and/or flavors for taste. You will no longer struggle with sticky and messy waxes and shatters or fear of them melting or turning colors. The Dablicator’s Luer Lock tip makes for easy applications to a nail.

CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil

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Our Cannabis Oil is pure and potent. Never watered down or diluted, just 100% pure cannabis oil extracted from top quality marijuana grown by us.

CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil

Order High CBD premium CO2 Oil quality solvent free CO2 extracted oil. THC concentration between 70-95% depending on strain. Can be use in a wide variety of applications; Use it as a cooking/baking ingredient; Put it on top of a bowl; Use it as a dab; or simply put a small amount straight into mouth.

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Coconut CO2 Extract, Banana Cream CO2 Extract, Sour Apple CO2 Extract, Sour Diesel CO2 Extract, Blue Dream CO2 Extract, Jack Herer CO2 Extract, Girl Scout Cookies CO2 Extract, Gorilla Glue CO2 Extract, Tangerine Dream CO2 Extract, Sour Lemon CO2 Extract, Larry OG CO2 Extract, Fruity Pebbles CO2 Extract, Grape Ape CO2 Extract, Headband OG CO2 Extract, Sour Skittles CO2 Extract, Tropical Haze CO2 Extract, Skywalker OG CO2 Extract, Watermelon CO2 Extract, SFV OG CO2 Extract


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