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High THC Marijuana Oil USA

POP Naturals High CBD CO2 Oil Cartridges  is 100% pure weed oil in a disposable syringes.
We don’t blend our cannabis but instead offer you cartridges in 18 distinctive strains.
We use no additives.
Our weed is naturally grown in Northern California’s premium weed region, and then cleanly extracted using a proprietary supercritical CO2 method.

Full Spectrum THC marijuana Oil

High THC Cannabis Oil For Sale

Full spectrum simply means comes from a whole plant extract.

Contains the full range of over 110 cannabinoids as opposed to extracts containing just CBD. The case of Sativex only extracted THC and CBD.

To effectively treat more serious conditions all of the evidence points to using an oil.  Made from the rich pharmacopoeia contained within the full spectrum of cannabinoids.

This allows the CBD to contact the oral mucosa which contains small micro-capillaries.  Allowing the compound to be absorbe directly into the bloodstream.
Absorption directly into the bloodstream allows for an almost immediate effect.
This rapid absorption is achieve by the initial CBD bypassing the liver metabolism.  Allowing for the full strength of the CBD to be the experience.

As the remaining  THC rich-oil is swallow, it enters the digestive system and  to the liver by the hepatic portal system.
The liver will then metabolize the remaining THC marijuana Oil.  It will later enter the bloodstream to provide a delay but longer lasting effect.

This secondary longer lasting effect provides extended relief lasting for several hours.Naturals High CBD CO2 Oil Cartridges

High THC marijuana Oil : Should you risk it?

Legal risks, side effects and possible health risks should be into account before you take this step.
Find out why you should be very cautious when you look for high THC cannabis oil for sale.

Side effects
Even if you’re an old hand at using herbal weed, you need to be aware that high THC cannabis oils are extremely concentrating . Although you may not be prone to the dizziness and nausea of ‘green fever’, or feelings of paranoia when using herbal cannabis, it is quite possible to experience these unpleasant sensations when using such a highly concentrated product.

If you have never used cannabis before, you are at even greater risk of experiencing uncomfortable side effects because your body is not habituating to THC. When you see high  find out just how high in THC it may be.

POP Naturals High CBD CO2 Oil Cartridges


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