Hybrid CO2 Cannabis Oil Cartridge




Hybrid CO2 Cannabis Oil Cartridge 1g

Hybrid CO2 Cannabis Oil Cartridge

Not too up, not too down. Not too soft, not too hard. It’s just right. The ideal effect, flavor, and aroma. First we extract the aromatic terpenes, essentially the flavor and fragrance of our cannabis. We then extract the cannabinoids and add back in the terpenes to provide the market’s tastiest vape pen cartridge. It contains 0.5g of pure, uncut CO2 oil that on average tests at 80% potent. It is predominantly extracted from our world-class hybrid cannabis strains: Blue Jay, Nebulae, Mob Boss, Tahoe OG, and Gorilla Glue.

Customer Type Medical, Recreational
THC Test average of 80%
Suggested Use Use as needed.
Ingredients Uncut CO2 Marijuana oil extracted from Colorado Marijuana Company’s finest Marijuana.
Net Wt. .5 gram

It has taken many years to finally find the perfect vape cartridge that works with our pure, uncut CO2 oil. Perfection is hard to come by, but we’re happy to say we found that perfect cartridge. Our new 0.5g hybrid co2 oil cartridges have a industry standard 510 thread that universally fits on 90% of the market batteries and mods.


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