Jack Herer Blended RSO Oil



Jack Herer Blended RSO Oil USA

Jack Herer Blended RSO Oil. Great for topical, oral and edible needs.60% Sativa. The product was grown and produced on Vancouver Island, in beautiful British Columbia.

AK-Jack will leave you feeling uplifted, peaceful and euphoric. Many users take advantage of the strain’s relaxing effect to relieve stress and anxiety. Others use it to take the edge off their chronic pains and aches. This is a particularly good strain for creative brainstorming and visualization.

This high-end RSO has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 75.90% Cannabinoids! This includes 69.60% THC!

5ml Option : 3480mg THC
Delta-9 THC 69.60%
CannaBiGerol 2.29%
CannaBiNol 1.20%
CannaBiChromene 1.10%
CannaBiDiol 0.54%


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