Hell’s Angel OG Strain



Hell’s Angel OG Strain Online USA

Buy Hell’s Angel OG Strain. a cross between the notorious OG Kush x Blackberry. The genetic background is made up of true Afghani/Pakistani kush’s that contain several medicinal properties.

Indica – 75%
Sativa – 25%
THC – 27%
Flavor – Blackberry
Hell's Angel OG Strain

Hell’s Angel   Information

Hell’s Angel OG is an Indica dominant hybrid containing OG Kush Blackberry genetics.

Hell’s Angel is created by members of the Hell’s Angels Motorcyle Club in Southern California.

The Angel OG marijuana strain is a therapeutic strain commonly used to treat inflammation, insomnia, severe pain, PTSD and many other debilitating symptoms. Whether you need to kill you pain the Angel OG will be there for you.


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